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Wow, haven't made a vid in a while. :-O

title: a cold and broken hallelujah
song: Hallelujah by Imogen Heap
length: 2;58
characters/pairings: house, kutner, wilson, cuddy, thirteen, foreman; house/cuddy, wilson/amber, house/stacy, house/wilson, foreman/thirteen
spoilers: Simple Explanation

summary & notes: A reflection on Kutner, House, Amber and Thirteen, the impact we don't realise we leave on people, and when the human spirit is broken.

I used a number of parallels in this, particularly between House, Kutner and Thirteen. The colouring is done in a way that's supposed to make you pay attention to certain details that you mightn't normally pay attention to, "missed symptoms" just like in Simple Explanation. It's a short video reflecting on how precious and fragile life is, and how much we'll never really know how much of an impact we leave on people.

if embed doesn't work, watch here
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download (50MB, .wmv) | iPod (18.6MB, .mp4)

title: Recessional
pairing: House/Amber
song: Recessional by Vienna Teng
duration: 4;13
disclaimer: When the vulture flies sideways, the moon has hair on its upper lip.

summary & notes: Well, I've been working on this vid for a little while now, and I finally finished it this morning (yay, insomnia). This is a video that focuses around House's guilt about Amber's death, his own feelings of death in general, and how he wishes he could reverse time and the things that unfolded the night of the bus crash. It was originally going to be a House/Amber/Wilson vid but it never turned out that way for some reason. Idk, vids take on a life of their own, I guess. But the main theme of this whole vid is the one line at the end of the song: "Well, anyway," she says, "I'll see you around." Meaning one day, House will rejoin Amber on the bus.

Lots of parallels in this video, as well as a lot of focus on light and use of light filters because I wanted to evoke an 'ethereal' mood.

I don't expect many people to be interested in this because of the pairing, but that's okay. I love House/Amber and I really enjoyed putting this together.

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download (38MB, .wmv) | iPod (16MB, .mp4)

title: Inertia Creeps
pairings/ threesome: House/Cuddy/Wilson, House/Cuddy, Wilson/Cuddy, House/Wilson
song: Inertia Creeps by Massive Attack
length: 3;43
disclaimer: When the vulture flies sideways, the moon has hair on its upper lip.

summary & notes: A darker look at House/Cuddy/Wilson. An entanglement they all wind up in together which pushes all the boundaries leads to jealousy, obsession and a deconstruction of friendships.

In a whim of inspiration, I made this vid in a few hours. I wasn't really bunnied with anything specific - just House/Cuddy/Wilson to this song, and so I opened up my video programme and decided to see what happened with it. It turned out to be a lot darker than I thought it would; Wilson ended up being portrayed as quite dark, which wasn't something I planned. It just ended up that way. The premise of this is that House, Cuddy and Wilson end up in an entanglement that leads House and Wilson down a path of mutual jealousy.

I repeated some particular clips in this vid to give the idea of obsession - House and Wilson obsessing over what they've each done with Cuddy, falling into a trap of jealousy and being unable to tell who they're actually jealous of, and being unable to let it go. Maybe I repeated the clips a bit excessively, I don't know. I guess if it works for you, then it works. If it doesn't... well, I'll know what not to do next time. I'm still working out the kinks of this vidding business. The only way to work those out is to experiment and see what works and what doesn't, amirite. The ending can be interpreted how you want it to be. The idea I had is that despite the destruction this entanglement they've got themselves into causes, they keep repeating the cycle; the awkward glances they pass gives the idea that they've ended up colliding back together again.

Feedback is love. Concrit is even more love. I'd like to know if the obsession motif I went for actually works, or if it's just annoying. [livejournal.com profile] katernater and [livejournal.com profile] austen? You're both to blame for the inspiration of this vid. :-P

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download (44MB, .wmv) | iPod (18MB, .mp4)

title: Lightning Crashes
pairing: House/Cuddy
duration: 4;21
song: Lightning Crashes by Live
SPOILERS: "Joy" (5x06)
Disclaimer: When the vulture flies sideways, the moon has hair on its upper lip.

summary/notes: This started out as a "Joy"-centric vid that I was just mucking around with, and unintentionally ended up with a plot (making it somewhat AU to "Joy" but still "Joy"-centric): Cuddy tries again to have another baby after Joy, with House's help, but complications arise and she loses the child and her relationship with House is almost severed.

I only started making this vid last night, and ended up getting so engrossed and caught up in it that I finished it in record time (record time for me, anyway). This vid means a lot to me - I could go on a big gushy ramble about why, but I'm not going to. I'm hoping the strong emotions I got making this will come through clearly and be self-explanatory.

As always, comments are love, concrit/observations are even more love. ♥

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download (34MB, .wmv)

title: Always On Your Side
pairing: House/Cuddy
song: Always On Your Side by Sheryl Crow & Sting
duration: 3;34
disclaimer: No profit made, no worries.
summary & notes: House and Cuddy ended a relationship together quite some time ago, they were both hurt by the fallout, and they both miss what they had and regret what they lost. While this isn't based on [livejournal.com profile] cuddys_house, it's kind of inspired by in that what if House and Cuddy had a relationship and it fell to pieces. How would they be affected by that? I tried to put a lot of emphasis on nostalgia and them missing what they had by using lots of snapshots to capture moments in their relationship. The video starts off with House phoning Cuddy but she doesn't answer the phone. And the ending is deliberately ambiguous as to whether they work things out or not. Sheryl Crow's parts in the song is Cuddy, and Sting's parts in the song is House.

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download (96MB, .wmv)

title: Tainted Love
pairings: House, House/Cuddy/Wilson, House/Cuddy, House/Wilson, Wilson/Cuddy
song: Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson
duration: 3;19
disclaimer: Not I, said the fly!
summary & notes: A video from House's perspective, largely a character study of sorts through themes of relationships, pain and drug issues. The storyline: House, Cuddy and Wilson end up in a messy, complicated entanglement, which evolved over time through House's issues. None of them are willing to call it a relationship, yet they are all so entangled with each other that they can't quit what is going on between them. Through this threesome, they develop strange, secret relationships with each other - House with Cuddy, Cuddy with Wilson, House with Wilson. House being House becomes increasingly troubled with his drug and pain issues, and out of his own sheer jealousy problems becomes increasingly suspicious and jealous of Wilson and Cuddy's relationship. He fears he's going to lose his friendship with Wilson and Cuddy, though he won't admit it, and that leads him on a downward spiral - and drives the relationship between the three of them towards mutual destruction.

I discovered this plug-in that creates a jerky camera effect! So, I had to experiment because omg. Awesome feature the programme I use comes with. I used this plug-in incorporated with a film filter that creates a grainy, low-quality film effect - which results in a very gritty, edgy feel to the footage. Initially, I was just mucking around in Vegas to see what I could do with the plug-in, using Tainted Love to experiment with, because it's such a cool, gritty song. I know - some people are going to laugh at that. Like, omgwtf a House vid to a Marilyn Manson song?? Lololol. Either lol at that fact or enjoy the vid - I don't mind which. But the reason why I decided to use these filters and plug-ins throughout the whole video is because I wanted to give a disorienting feel to the video; to make the viewer feel like they're inside House's head, thinking his chaotic thoughts and feeling his chaotic emotions.

The downside to it is the file size - both the plug-in and the filter resulted in the vid being way bigger in file size than I expected. 1GB, to be precise. I managed to compress it down to 96MB, which was as small as I could get it without losing picture quality. The vid doesn't look anywhere near as good in YouTube as it does from the actual file itself. So, if you want a much better quality than what YT offers, I recommend downloading it.

Big thanks to [livejournal.com profile] euclase for uploading it to YT for me! ♥

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download (29MB, .wmv)

title: Bohemian Like You
pairing: House/Cuddy
song: Bohemian Like You by Dandy Warhols
duration: 2;27
disclaimer: When the vulture flies sideways, the moon has hair on its upper lip.
summary & notes: House likes Cuddy - a lot. Just a short, fun video I made on a whim, nothing deep and meaningful to it. It's cute and fun and 'shippy. Big thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] shutterbug_12 for uploading it for me.

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download (42MB, .wmv)

title: Glittering Cloud
pairings: House/Cuddy, House/Amber
song: Glittering Clouds (Locusts) by Imogen Heap
length: 3;56
disclaimer: When the vulture flies sideways, the moon has hair on its upper lip.
summary & notes: I started this video with a set idea in mind, and ended up with something completely different. Originally, the idea was a House/Cuddy video focusing on the Tritter arc. But somehow, it turned into not!Tritter arc House/Cuddy vid, with House/Amber added into the mix. The basic storyline: House and Cuddy are in a relationship that's not going too well, and Cuddy suspects something is going on between House and Amber. She decides that if her suspicions are confirmed she'll put an end to what she and House have. But when Amber dies in a crash that both she and House are in, Cuddy begins to realise how much House is suffering from the trauma of the accident and the guilt he feels over Amber's death. She watches him spiral into a cycle of self-destructiveness but doesn't know how to help House, until he finally comes to her.

It's the first vid I've made with an actual set storyline to it - like I said, completely not what I intended it to be. I think this turned out better than the original idea. I think the song - which I edited heavily, because I have a fetish for editing music to make it feel more like the whole product is my own - compliments this final result better, too. As always, comments and/or concrit are welcomed and appreciated. AND A HUGE THANKS TO [livejournal.com profile] shutterbug_12 FOR UPLOADING THIS TO YT FOR ME, because my connection is slow and shit.

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download (69MB, .wmv)

title: Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking
pairing: House/Cuddy
song: Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking by Snow Patrol
length: 3;22
disclaimer: When the vulture flies sideways, the moon has hair on its upper lip.

summary & notes: Inspired by the events that have happened on [livejournal.com profile] cuddys_house, though you do not have to follow that game in order to watch this vid.

This video is set not long after the shooting. It opens with House being unable to sleep, one of the symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and moves through a chaotic journey of House struggling to move on from the shooting and spiralling into a self-destructive cycle as a result. Through it all, Cuddy tries her hardest to help him through his ordeal, while going through her own kind of PTSD at the same time, having realised how close she was to losing House again. The vid ends on an unclear, uncertain note, which was deliberate - there is never an easy fix or answer to PTSD, and I wanted to give the idea that House's struggles with it are far from over. And I wanted to give the idea, too, with the shot of Cuddy asleep next to House, that she intends to stay with him through it all, no matter how tiring and draining it may be.

I focused a lot on using filters and close up shots to get the full effect of the emotions on both House and Cuddy's faces. I've used this filter before - in my 'Passive' video - but I tweaked and fiddled with it to give it a dark, voyeuristic kind of effect. There's no clear-cut storyline and again, that's deliberate: I focused mainly on emotion, on the way House's PTSD causes him to feel and act chaotically and out of control of his own emotions, and the way Cuddy reacts and responds to that. I'm hoping that through the emotions I attempted to convey through this vid that the idea I was aiming for comes across clearly enough.

As always, comments and concrit are very much welcomed and appreciated. :-)

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download (113MB, .WMV)

title: Love Lasts Forever
pairing: Wilson/Amber
song: Philadelphia by Neil Young
duration: 3;22
disclaimer: When the vulture flies sideways, the moon has hair on its upper lip.
summary/notes: Wilson looking back on his relationship with Amber. Post-finale vid.

I was trawling around on Youtube and came across this song, which I remembered hearing in that Tom Hanks movie, Philadelphia, and was all, OMG MUST MAKE VID. I made this vid to look like a home movie in parts (which is why the download is so big - the filters take up a lot of space), because I wanted to capture the idea of Wilson reminiscing on his relationship with Amber. I also edited the song a fair bit to take the focus away from 'Philadelphia' and onto the theme of the vid more. Huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] euclase for uploading the song to me! 'Cos I don't know where I would've got it, otherwise.

And... I may have cried a bit while making this vid. Because guh, the season finale. And Wilson. And Amber. And guhhh. I am still grieving a bit, lol.

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download (47MB, .wmv)

title: Breathe Me
pairings: House, House/Cuddy, House/Wilson, Wilson/Amber, Wilson/Cuddy, House/Amber
duration: 4;19
song: Breathe Me by Sia
disclaimer: When the vulture flies sideways, the moon has hair on its upper lip.
summary/notes: This started out as a House/Cuddy vid and ended up being a House/Cuddy, House/Wilson, House/Amber, Wilson/Cuddy and Wilson/Amber vid. I'm not even sure how to summarise this vid because it turned out completely not how I had in mind. So, despite the graphic I've made for it, it's not strictly a House/Cuddy vid I changed the graphic because it didn't match, imo. But basically, it is from House's perspective, about the people in his life and how life is so fragile. Mainly focusing around 'House's Head' and 'Wilson's Heart'.

Edit: Okay, after trying to work out how to phrase a summary, because I'm useless at them, I finally came up with one: A video about House and Wilson and Cuddy, the impact that recent events have left on all of them and how that has changed their relationship with each other, and how fragile life is.

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download (26.5MB, .wmv)

title: SexyBack
pairing: house/cuddy
length: 1;23
song: Sexyback by Justin Timberlake
notes: Just a short, fun vid of that stripping scene, because phwoar. I felt inspired. Plus, it was a good excuse to look at Lisa Edelstein. A lot. That's a good enough excuse for me. :D
link: watch here

edit: Vid rec: 1825 Days by [livejournal.com profile] queenzulu. House/Stacy. Absolutely beautiful video. Beautiful. Did I say beautiful? BEAUTIFUL. Go and watch. Now.
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title: Drive
pairing: House/Cuddy
song: Drive by Bic Runga
duration: 2;59
genre: Angst, romance
disclaimer: I own none of the clips used, nor do I own the song. The only thing that's mine is the concept of the vid and the editing.
summary: House and Cuddy have been in a relationship for a while that begins to break down with a lot of fighting and heartache, and Cuddy is caught between wanting to end it because she thinks maybe it's for the best, and wanting to put things right between her and House again.

notes: Vidding kick much? Lol. I'll stop spamming with vids... eventually. XD I already vidded a Bic Runga song, Sway, but I heard this song, Drive by her after downloading her album of the same name and wanted to vid it. I made this with [livejournal.com profile] cuddys_house in mind, though it isn't fully based on anything that's happened there so far.

edit: I JUST DISCOVERED YOU CAN WATCH VIDS ON YOUTUBE IN HIGH QUALITY. Click on the little image of the TV down on the bottom right beneath the screen and it select 'high'. omfg how exciting! No more crap quality!

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watch here // download (28MB)
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Download (33MB)

title: Call And Answer
pairing: House/Wilson
song: Call And Answer by Barenaked Ladies
duration: 3;55
disclaimer: I don't own any of the clips used, nor the song. Just making fanvids for fun.
genre: Friendship, angst, implied slash.
summary: Wilson looks back over his friendship with House, paticularly the last few years.
notes: For [livejournal.com profile] deelaundry, because she requested it ages ago. I don't know if anyone else ended up filling this request for you, Dee, but if they did... have another? Lol. This vid took me a while to make because I was trying a new style. Finally finished it last night, yay, but then had no internet all day to upload it until tonight because my ISP is a fuckbag. No commentary because I think the vid explains itself, but ask questions if you have any. Fuck it. There is now a commentary because I couldn't sleep.

I used this particular style of vidding, the 'layered effect', to give the idea of how many layers there are to their friendship.

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Watch here

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download (85MB, wmv)

title: Sober
pairings: House/Wilson, House/Cuddy
song: "Sober" by Tool
duration: 4;25
summary: Wilson in Half-Wit: "How depressed are you?" A video about House's depression. A companion vid to 'Passive'.

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Watch here

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download: Sendspace (112MB, .wmv)

title: Passive
pairing: House/Wilson, House/Cuddy, some House/Stacy
song: Passive by A Perfect Circle
duration: 3;36
summary: House's struggle with pain, drugs and being crippled, and how much Cuddy and Wilson are dragged through that struggle with him. Angst, angst, angst, pain, angst, pain, pain and drugs.
notes: For [livejournal.com profile] cenori ♥ ♥ I haven't done a commentary because I think the video speaks for itself in relation to the song lyrics, but if anyone wants a commentary or wants me to explain anything just lmk in a comment. :-)

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Sendspace (49MB, .wmv) | YouTube

title: Closer
pairing: House/Wilson
song: "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails
duration: 3;42
disclaimer: If I owned, they'd really be doing this on the show.
summary: A vid from House's perspective about his self-destructiveness and his destructive relationship with Wilson.

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sendspace (53.8MB, .wmv)| youtube

title: Run
pairing: House/Cuddy
song: "Run" by Snow Patrol
length: 5:25
summary: Ever since the infarction, Cuddy has been fighting for House. When House gets shot, it stirs up memories of the infarction, and a lot of fears within her that she almost lost House a second time. The vid covers everything from her frustration at him for the way he always shuts her out, to the fights they have, to the brief moments of affection they have for each other.
notes: argh. for some reason, the stills saved smaller than the video frame. skfldfgdf. i am otherwise very proud of this video. i think this is the best one i've made so far, yay! i made this with [livejournal.com profile] cuddys_house in mind, too - all the stuff that's going on between House and Cuddy as a result of him getting shot. So, this could be seen as a bit of a companion vid to the game.

i never know whether to do a commentary thing or not. commentary, y/n?

edit: yay, okay. commentary added at the request of some people.

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title: Sway
pairing: House/Cuddy
song: "Sway" by Bic Runga
duration: 4:35
download: Sendspace (31MB .wmv)
summary: If you follow [livejournal.com profile] cuddys_house, then you'll already know the storyline and this video is based off that from Cuddy's perspective. If you don't follow [livejournal.com profile] cuddys_house, the story/idea goes as follows: House and Cuddy are in a new relationship that is both passionate and painful, and even though House drives Cuddy nuts and she knows she should be smarter than to be with him... she just can't help being in love with him because, in his own ways, he is good for her.
notes: This video is inspired by [livejournal.com profile] cuddys_house, the best House/Cuddy rpg in the world. Or otherwise inspired by the love that is House/Cuddy. This is for [livejournal.com profile] ducks_in_a_row, because she is awesome and I love her Cuddy.

***Because youtube is a twat, it has decreased the pictural quality of the video quite significantly. If you want the high quality version to download (much higher quality than the download link above - 160MB .mpg), please leave a comment and I'll upload it for you.

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