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[vid] a cold and broken hallelujah

Wow, haven't made a vid in a while. :-O

title: a cold and broken hallelujah
song: Hallelujah by Imogen Heap
length: 2;58
characters/pairings: house, kutner, wilson, cuddy, thirteen, foreman; house/cuddy, wilson/amber, house/stacy, house/wilson, foreman/thirteen
spoilers: Simple Explanation

summary & notes: A reflection on Kutner, House, Amber and Thirteen, the impact we don't realise we leave on people, and when the human spirit is broken.

I used a number of parallels in this, particularly between House, Kutner and Thirteen. The colouring is done in a way that's supposed to make you pay attention to certain details that you mightn't normally pay attention to, "missed symptoms" just like in Simple Explanation. It's a short video reflecting on how precious and fragile life is, and how much we'll never really know how much of an impact we leave on people.

if embed doesn't work, watch here
(watch in high quality)

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